Blind Windows and Hurricane Protection

06/20/2015 11:49
Are you looking for blinds for bay windows? It used to be a real challenge finding sets of blinds that fit these types of windows and look attractive as well. Fortunately, more and more window blinds makers and sellers are realizing that there is popular demand among home owners and decorators for such a product. Nowadays you can find many styles, materials and colors of blinds for bay windows, especially if you shop online. Why are bay windows becoming so popular to begin with? Well, they add architectural interest to what would be ann otherwise flat house wall

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Because they protrude outward, they also contribute a bit of extra space to the room in which they are located. Yet another reason that many people are having bay windows added to their homes–or included in the original construction plans — is that they create the perfect space for a window seat. Who doesn’t love the idea of curling up on a cushy bay window seat to read a book, perhaps while rain drizzles down the panes? Shopping for blinds for bay windows can present special challenges, though. You will need to buy blinds for three different window panes — the two side sections, and the larger main one. You will have to use the right mounting hardware for each of the three window sections, and make sure that one section’s blind installation doesn’t interfere with that of its neighbor. 

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Taking accurate measurements of all of your bay window’s sections is crucial! If your particular window was added to your house following standardized measurements, you should be able to find ready-made blinds that will meet your needs. On the other hand, if your bay window is has odd or “one off” dimensions,you may need to have your blinds custom made. In any case, you will be delighted at the variety of window blinds available to you. You can go for the traditional horizontal blinds — also called jalousies — or the very popular vertical ones. You might choose blinds made of durable vinyl or plastic, or the even sturdier aluminum. 
Or, you might opt for the warmth of genuine wood window blinds. And then there are the colors! Of course, you can choose traditional white blinds, but an off-white might be preferred by many. There are also blinds in light pastel shades, from blue to green to pink. And for the “wild” decorators out there, you can now find blinds in bold primary colors as well. Although it wasn’t always the case, shopping for blinds for bay windows has been greatly simplified in recent years. If you are just beginning your search, you will be delighted at the selection that awaits you.